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Instant Essay Creator Software Still Sells Well - Because It Works

Even smart people have a hard time organizing their thoughts for essays that they are required to write. That's where my simple software program called "Instant Essay Creator" comes in handy.

It walks you through each component of a basic essay.

You won't need a manual for this software. It is step-by-step simple, yet effective.


"Kristi-I have just used the Essay Creator. I must say that it’s incredible to read the final product. When I read the essay I was shocked-totally shocked that I had completed such a thorough piece of work so simply. I promise to share my experiences with your software with all that I speak with in writing groups and such. I can’t wait to try your other programs!"
Donna Dufour-Author, “Crawling Up a Mountain”
and “They Said His Name.”

Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Your Quote Is

“"God's Got This" draws the listener in with brilliant lyrics and an emotional performance.”

Your review Is

Thank you for submitting your song, "God's Got This" for critique.
I must start off by saying that the lyrics are brilliant! It can be difficult to tell a story like this without it sounding contrived but you did a magnificent job conveying a sincere and heartfelt message. Nice work!!!

Production wise, it comes across as a little sparse and I feel it could be much more full and dynamic. That chorus is so great and it would help the song tremendously if it had a big instrumental build by the time it got to the last time around. I hear that you made an effort to do that but something just seems missing instrumentally to my ears.
Additionally, I would add more harmony parts throughout instead of waiting until late in the song.
I do, however, think the tag at the end with the youth chorus was a really good idea.
Again, I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback on your work. Best wishes for great success in your musical endeavors.
Luanne Hunt, CEO Star Creek Entertainment

Nothing's perfect, but she loved the lyrics! 
Now, if I could just get someone to help me
with the music! 

Praise God! 

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Testimonials for Kristi Sayles

  1. CEO

    Talk with Experts

    Heather Tollison
    Heather Tollison
    Social Business Network at 6DGR
    Kristi is the one that watches over all exactly every advertisment business that we all do.I loveKristi's work.She works hard at her best.
    Heather Tollison
    Heather TollisonRe-order
    Social Business Network at 6DGR
    Kristi is the very best & awesome manager that I had ever had.She is the most outstanding person that I ever met.She kicks some awesome butt when it comes to advertising & business promoting.
    October 7, 2008, Heather was Kristi's client
    Luciano Pimèntel
    Luciano PimèntelRe-order
    Wordsmith, Proofreading Professional
    Kristi Sayles is a great team-oriented person and a pro true-and-true. She provided great technical help to the project we collaborated on. And her salesmanship experience and business acumen shines through from the very moment one makes her acquaintance. Kristi Sayles is a great people person - and that is truly invaluable.
  2. Talk Show Host

    Talk with Experts Teleseminars Host

    Brian Bagnall
    Brian Bagnall
    Owner, Bagnall & Associates, LLC
    I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Kristi. She really knows how to deliver great content to her audience and she knows how to make the interview painless for the person being interviewed! Kristi is definitely one in a million!
  3. CEO

    Smart Author Software

    Vic Maranto
    Vic Maranto
    Business Development Consultant at Vic Maranto
    Kristi is a great talent and responsibly takes care of her clients. If you ever need assistance in your writing I Highly recommend Kristi!