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I'm Kristi Sayles.

I wear lots of hats! Let me tell you about myself...

I'm a devout Christian, happy wife, mom, and grandma.

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I'm a professional marketer
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I'm a Christian songwriter and singer.
The song above is called "God's Got This." I wrote it at the
Cancer Treatment Center of America in Georgia. That's how I feel about life.
God's got mine. I've been through some tough times, but God has always pulled me through.
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"God's Got This" draws the listener in with brilliant lyrics and an emotional performance.

Thank you for submitting your song, "God's Got This" for critique.
I must start off by saying that the lyrics are brilliant! It can be difficult to tell a story like this without it sounding contrived but you did a magnificent job conveying a sincere and heartfelt message. Nice work!!!

Production wise, it comes across as a little sparse and I feel it could be much more full and dynamic. That chorus is so great and it would help the song tremendously if it had a big instrumental build by the time it got to the last time around. I hear that you made an effort to do that but something just seems missing instrumentally to my ears.
Additionally, I would add more harmony parts throughout instead of waiting until late in the song.
I do, however, think the tag at the end with the youth chorus was a really good idea.
Again, I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback on your work. Best wishes for great success in your musical endeavors.

Luanne Hunt, CEO Star Creek Entertainment

Nothing's perfect, but she loved the lyrics! 
Now, if I could just get someone to help me
with the music! 

Praise God! 

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I'm also a teacher at Camden Elementary School. I teach writing and computer skills.

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