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*Did I mention that I'm a Christian songwriter and singer? 
Kristi is a great talent and responsibly takes care of her clients. If you ever need assistance in your writing
I Highly recommend Kristi!
Vic Maranto
National Trainer/Account Manager at Elead1One

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Kristi. She really knows how to deliver great content to her audience and she knows how to make the interview painless for the person being interviewed! Kristi is definitely one in a million!
Brian Bagnall
Investment Expert ✔ Author ✔ Speaker ✔ Consultant ✔ As Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, & Huffington Post

"I don't see how anyone couldn't whip up an excellent article fast using your
Instant Article Creator."
Mark Joyner

I've been interviewed by the best and Kristi Sayles' sharp wit and sense of humor makes her interviewing style stand out
as one of my favorite interviewers of all time. She created a sense of rapport that is admirable to achieve over the phone.
Ben Mack

Dear Kristi, I was very touched by your e-mail. I have a genuine respect and admiration for people like you too, warm and genuine.
This comes through in your newsletter, which is why it sets it apart from other newsletters.
You genuinely seem to care about your subscribers and involve them in the newsletter as real people instead of just a business.
Take care,
      Martine Meah

Thank you Kristi,
I think you are God's present to me.
I truly appreciate your time and help.
I can not put it any better.
Vaya Pukli 

Thinking about working with Kristi- Let me tell you my story...
Saturday evening, while reinstalling software on my computer, I realized I didn't have the
unlock code for the Smart Author software. I wrote an email to Kristi not expecting
to hear from her. Within a half hour, I had an email response which is a level of service
I don't even get from my cable company!
Kristi has recently begun holding teleseminars with experts she has come to know in the industry of internet marketing.
Usually, these sorts of things turn into a lengthy sales pitch for whatever the expert's information product or service.
Kristi is doing something very different. She is advocating for content that will help those of us out here just learning the ropes.
That is such a gift!
During a recent teleseminar, I sent a note along to her and included a phone number. Immediately after the teleconference ended,
my phone was ringing. What a surprise it was to hear Kristi on the other end of the line wanting to personally answer
my question!  It always astounds me to learn that, behind the scenes of the splash pages and
autoresponder notes, there's a real person who actually cares about their subscribers' success in such a personal way!
Kristi Sayles' product, Instant Article Creator, nudges and guides our creative writing processes
in such a fun way and, combined with Viral Article Publisher, a new internet author has
all the tools needed to get our words out on the internet.
But that isn't what is the best part, to me. Kristi Sayles is a genuine person with
loads of enthusiasm and strong ethics of customer satisfaction.
She is an admirable being whom I hope to keep as my friend.
Marj Wyatt
Happy Customer

I really like the software. I had read a lot of articles and own other
software. However, you software allowed me to stop thinking about
the process and actually get to writing articles. I can't tell you how much that means to me.
The call tonight was great. Lots of wonderful information.
My new goal is to become an expert at in the next couple of weeks.
Lynn Jorden 

Hey Kristi,
Your new special reports generator is just what I need to create reports for my business.
Just now tested it and found to be very user friendly that anyone can whip out a report in a jiffy.
I like the step by step guidance you have built in the software.
Thanks again and wishing you all success,

Dear Kristi,
I just finished reviewing your Instant Writer Software and I am very impressed.I easily installed the software and followed the detailed yet easy instructionsand created my first article. This software will work for inexperienced
and experienced writers and is particularly good for people who have
trouble organizing their thoughts and ideas. Writing and publishing
articles is clearly the best and most frugal method of promotion
available and your Instant Writer Software is a crucial component
for anyone wanting to enjoy the benefits of this technique!
Best wishes,
Bonnie Jo Davis -Author -"Articles That Sell."

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Kristi Sayles is a great team-oriented person and a pro true-and-true. She provided great technical help
to the project we collaborated on. And her salesmanship experience and business acumen shines
through from the very moment one makes her acquaintance. Kristi Sayles is a great people person - and that is truly invaluable.
Luciano Pimèntel

Writing Professional, Tourism, CPC, Film Production; Actor; Playwright, Chronicler

Heather Tollison
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Social Business Network at 6DGR
Kristi is the one that watches over all exactly every advertisment business that we all do.I love Kristi's work.
She works hard at her best.

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